WTCH dogs

JJ Stinger was the first WTCH bred and raised in Europe.

He finished with his owner Bjintze Jager in the US in April  2003.

He was HIT Open dog in Texas at the Cowboy classic.

JJ Robbie was finished together with his dad Cowboy in dec. 2003 in Alabama (USA)

Robbie is Anneke's first WTCH. He really learned a lot while doing the trials.

All of a sudden everything fell into place. He was HIT open and High Combined Open dog.

Pincie Creek Cowboy Up finished in the US in dec. 2003.On his birthday.

He became 6 years old that day. He was actually never much  trained. It is not so easy to fool him into training.

When he understood it was really important to his boss to get the livestock around the course, he gave his best.

He was several times High in trial Open en High combined non WTCH

JJ Skip finished on sept 17 2004 with judge Becky Beckmann.

Skip is the first WTCH only trialed in Europe. Skip is trialed by Bjintze

She won multiple times High Open, High Combined and High in trial

She placed #1 On sheep in ASCA's merit program 2005

JJ Beast finished on sept 18 2004 with judge Becky Beckmann.

He got his started titles in the USA. Beast won several times High in trial and High combined.

He is Anneke's 2nd dog to finish


JJ Betsey finished on sept. 19 2004. She is the youngest WTCH in Europe.

She finished when she was 25 months old. She is Bjintze's little miracle worker.

She also won multiple times High in trial and High Combined.

She qualified for the finals in 2005 and 2006


JJ Dolly finished on July 5 2005 with judge Marie Murphy.

She also won High ducks that day.

Dolly is handled by Anneke although most of the time Anneke is being handled by Dolly.

She was the easiest dog ever to finish ( as long as Anneke listens to her ) and hardly knows any commands.


JJ Freckles was finished on 15July 2006 under judge Rick Hardin.

He finally figured out what Anneke  wanted and gave his best after that.

A week after his WTCH he placed 2nd in cattle in Germany, this was the first time he was on a different place to trial.

He is Anneke's dog.


Pincie Creek Red Woodsman became WTCH on 17July 2006 under judge Gary Hawley.

He needed one more duck run and finished with a 1st place and 108 score

He is a true joy to work with. He is Anneke's dog.

   JJ Tumble finished with Anneke in July 2007 with judge Maxine Schvanneveldt

JJ Ariba became WTCH in May 2008.

She got her first started legs with Bjintze, but she decided she liked to work for Anneke better.

On the day she finished she was high in trial with a score of 118 on cattle.

JJBlazing Bless became WTCH in May 2008. S

hirley de Boer trialed her first and Anneke finished her WTCH. Bless moved to Finland after obtaining her WTCH

JJ Muchacha finished her WTCH in May 2010 with judge Robyn Garret.

Anneke and Mucha  Q'd every trial.

JJ Buster finished his WTCH with Bjintze in Aug. 2010 with judge Jan Wesen.

Multiple HIT, High Combined non WTCH and beat his mom Betsey several times.

JJ Blossom finished her WTCH with Bjintze under judge Jan Wesen.


JJ Rusty also became WTCH with Bjintze under judge Jan Wesen in Aug. 2010.

He won multiple HIT and High Combined non WTCH.

He finished his WTCh with a HIT cattle score of 117.

JJ Jalapeno finished with Anneke on a rainy day in 2015

JJ Tango finished in September 2018 with Judge Joan Carrillo

   JJ Famke finished in 2019 with judge Roy Sage


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