ASCA Name : JJ Ariba

FCI name Ariba

DOB : 16 September 2005

Titles : ASCA : HOF, WTCH, AFTDcds, RD

About : Ariba is a thinking girl. She is really quiet and calculating. ( and sneaky ) She is , like her mom Dolly, sometimes stubborn and smart in her own way. She loves obedience and doing tricks for treats.

Ariba is a 2 faced dog, she can be incredible funny, sweet, charming, outgoing ( she is a great singer ) but when she wears, what we call her "niffy-cap", her radar is zooming in on everything and anything. Everybody watch out..... 


HOF sire WTCH Pincie creek Cowboy up RD RTDc

Ofa Ex.


Eye's clear

Full scissors bite

Natural long tail(docked)

Bearfoots Red man chew rossy Ruff-n-reddy Joe willy wang, STDD CH HOF Jones Reddy teddyCDX, OTDDSC, SCH
Ruff-n-reddy Mity happy hocker, CD
Ruff-n-reddy Shadey wood ash Jones' little redwood
Shadey mountain mity miss
Peters ranch Like a rocket Hangin'tree SpookOTDC, STDDS WTCH Hangin'tree Working blue,RDX
Slash v Cherry cola HOF dam
Hangin'tree Working babe,STDS WTCH Hangin'tree Working blue RDX
Slash v Cherry cola HOF damI

Long tail

FCI hips A

eyes cleared


RTD sc



HOF sire Justus McCain of Pincie creek STDcs WTCH HOF Bar LW Inspired blue RTDc
WTCH HOF Justus n Lucy McCain CDX,RDX
HOF dam Pincie Creek Lightfoot Sis STDcsd WTCH HOF Hangin'tree Blue Bear, CD,RD,RTDsc,PATDsc
HOF dam WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis
HOF dam Pincie creek Red Bear STDcsd HOF sire WTCH Hangin'tree blue bear CD,RD,RTDsc,PATDsc WTCH HOF Hangin'tree Black Bear RD,RTDsc, PATDsc
HOF dam Hangin'tree Cinnamon Teal, OTDds,STDc
HOF Dam Twin Oaks Sting of the Dagger WTCH Twin oaks Kit Carson. RDX,RTDsc
WTCH HOF The Sting of Twin Oaks
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